What Are The Advantages of CNC Cutting Machine for PVC Soft Glass

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Soft glass is also known as PVC transparent glass, crystal plate is often used in tablecloths, door curtains, supporting protection. PVC soft glass cutting machine using blade cutting, will not produce smoke and odor, high cutting accuracy, good effect.

PVC soft glass processing and cutting using PVC soft glass cutting machine, CNC vibration knife cutting machine can efficiently complete the cutting of PVC crystal board, the cutting surface is smooth without rough edges, the effect is very good. Customer feedback is good, get the full trust of customers.


So, what are the advantages of Datu's PVC soft glass cutting machine?

1. Independently develop operation control system

2. High frequency vibration knife, cutting speed, high precision

3. Adopt imported linear guide rail to ensure cutting accuracy and service life

4. Imported Mitsubishi motor

5. Automatically parse, identify, read PLT/DXF and other file formats

6. According to different file formats, the use of unique algorithms to automatically complete the optimal cutting

7. Network transmission, strong anti-interference ability, can be used in a variety of complex situations

8. High-precision cutting: imported guide rail, imported motor, to ensure cutting accuracy and service life, the machine runs smoothly, cutting materials will not produce burning, environmental protection smokeless pollution-free.

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