Fitness Equipment & Sporting Goods Cutting Machine
These intelligent cutting machines can provide faster, more accurate, and smarter automation solutions for design proof, personalized customization, mass production services, etc., compatible with various mainstream design software, and equipped with a complete set of cutting tools to cope with different materials (football material, EVA foam building blocks, crash pad, basketball leather, imitation leather, yoga mat, EVA, tarpaulin etc.) It can meet the different needs of special-shaped cutting, half-cutting, V-cutting, slotting, drawing, etc. 
With the precise CCD positioning function, it can realize automatic positioning and high-precision cutting, making cutting more efficient and cost-effective.
Digital Cutting Machines For Fitness Equipment and Sporting Goods
Applicable Cutting Tools
Hardware Display
1. The cutting section is clean and smooth, without chips and burrs 
2. The precision of repeated positioning to the cutting origin is ±0.01mm
3. One-click import of drawings, convenient for cutting
4. Using professional software for layout improves the utilization of materials and reduces waste
5. Modular design enables flexible replacement of tools, integrating cutting and engraving, suitable for cutting a variety of materials
6. Edge cutting can be performed according to the printing requirements of raw material
7. Multiple safety protection measures to fully guarantee personal safety
8. Simple and easy to use
Applicable tools: Vibrating Knife, Pneumatic Knife, Round Knife
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