Vibrating knife cutting machine - how to determine the direction of the knife

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In order to meet the needs of users for the use of equipment and strengthen the training effect, we set up a small lecture hall to explain the necessary operation and maintenance knowledge of equipment.

How to determine the direction of the blade (which here refers to the direction of the blade and the rotation direction of the round knife), because if the blade direction is not set properly, the sharp knife will break the knife, and the round knife will bring the material up.

Keep in mind that the correct direction of the blade is toward the positive X axis, and the positive X axis of the round knife blade rotates clockwise

First, introduce the "smart" system

1. Axial direction of the device

0 (25)

After changing the blade, make sure W is at 0 (as shown below), and then install the tool according to the X-axis square shown in the picture (note: if you do not stay at the origin, click on the value behind W to return to 0).

0 (23)

2. Direction of vibrating knife blade is shown below (positive direction of X-axis)

0 (24)

0 (26)

3. Round knife direction

0 (27)

Correct adjustment of blade direction and depth is the premise of long service life of blade!

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