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When and how to change blades

First, when is it appropriate to replace the blade?

The actual situation should be considered in the replacement of blades. Cutting materials, use frequency and cutting process all have an impact. It is unreasonable to judge whether a blade needs to be replaced from the perspective of time or the number of cutting sets. The names of each part of the knife are as follows:

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When it is found that the cutting section of the material is abnormal, or there is material when cutting, after stopping the machine, remove the knife cap to check whether the blade has been damaged or blunt. The frequency of replacement is determined according to its own use. Here we talk about PE (or sponge) + leather materials that are often cut in the car market. If there is a "hair-pulling" phenomenon, analyze and solve it from the following factors:

1) Blade reasons

Check whether the blade is damaged or not sharp, soft bag material and silk ring material (including Chenise), winter materials become hard, compare the cost of the blade, according to 10 sets a day, about two weeks in summer, once a week in winter blade can be changed.

2) Reason of knife cap

Check whether there is a white PE inside the knife cap (that is, the white plastic part at the lowest end of the knife rod) is not elastic enough. It is necessary to replace one (the PE layer of footpad material or the PE inside the packaging box can be used, and the thickness is about 10mm and cut a circle to put it in). If the sponge layer is alive.

3) Material reason

Some materials are relatively thick, and even if they are cut through, there will be galling because the blade length is not enough. The uppermost one is not cut by the blade, so it is necessary to replace the long blade (blade length ≥ material thickness)

4) Process reasons

This phenomenon can also occur if the cutting speed is too fast and the vibration frequency is too slow, especially for sponge or low-cost materials with low PE density, reduce the cutting speed or increase the vibration frequency to improve the cutting process,

So, when the blade is found abnormal, how to replace the blade?

First, take out the knife from the cutter base of the cutting machine, which requires loosening the compression ring.

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When the compression ring is loosened (counterclockwise), one hand must firmly hold and fix the lower belt, and the other hand must rotate counterclockwise. If it is too tight to be unscrewed, turn on the vibration of the knife to unscrew it. The method to turn on the knife vibration alone is as follows. In the "cong" system, there is the page of "knife depth". Click "knife does not vibrate" to turn on "knife vibration".

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In this way, the compression ring can be easily loosened. After loosening, click "knife vibration" to turn off the knife vibration!

If you can take it out without vibration, you don't need to manually turn on the vibration. Once it is turned on, after loosening the compression ring, don't forget to turn off the vibration and then take out the tool, otherwise it is easy to have an accident! Ladies and gentlemen, remember!!!

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After taking out the knife, pull out the knife cap, as shown in the figure (be careful not to hurt your hand)

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After taking out, loosen the pressing jackscrew with an Allen wrench (note that it is loosened rather than removed), and then take out the blade.

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After taking out, insert the new blade (the blade direction is shown in the figure). Be sure to insert the blade to the bottom, and then tighten and compress the jacking screw.0 (19)

In this way, the blade is replaced. When installing the blade cap and then installing the blade into the tool base, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the blade. As mentioned in the previous small lecture hall here, the blade direction is the positive direction of the X axis, but to ensure that your w axis is in the "0" position, the attention of the "cong" system does not need to pay attention to the W value for the rest. If not, please click the value behind the w on the screen, It can be reset automatically.

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Insert the knife into the cutter base according to the direction and tighten the compression ring clockwise to complete the blade replacement process. If the blade of the same specification is replaced, check whether the material is suitable for the blade depth during the first blade cutting, and then fine tune it. However, if the replaced blade is not of the same type, especially the length is inconsistent, be sure to re adjust the blade depth and then work again!

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