What problems should be paid attention to when choosing the right leather seat cutting machine?

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In the selection of leather seat cutting machine, there are many problems to pay attention to, because the use of leather seat cutting machine will directly affect the production effect. Once the equipment is not selected properly, the economic loss caused is very large.

1. Cutting speed: This is one of the key factors that directly affect the efficiency of the project. The speed of leather cutting determines the production efficiency. Where are the benefits of production, aren't we using cutting machines to increase output, quality and reduce costs? This is very important. Be sure to watch the full demo while shopping.

2. Cutting stability: It can be intuitively measured by the defect rate of leather cutting. The defect rate of laser cutting leather is better than traditional mechanical cutting, and the blade cutting machine is more superior than laser. You must know that the smaller the defect rate, the more stable the machine, and the better the unnecessary loss.

3. Machine maintenance costs: this is also very important. Most leather laser cutting machines currently on the market use CO2 gas as a working medium. The user must also consider the continuous use time and ventilation cost of a single ventilation and the cost of replacing the laser. Fur cutting machines are better than other machines. The cutter head can be changed freely, and the most suitable cutter head can be selected according to different materials. Regular inspection and maintenance of the machine can also reduce maintenance costs.

4. Machine brand: The leather blade cutting machine is actually the result of applying the cutting machine to the leather industry. Due to the wide application of the leather industry, machinery manufacturers need to continuously improve according to the actual needs of the leather industry. Therefore, please choose a brand with R&D strength. From the performance of the machine to the after-sales service, this is better.

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