No retreat is the only road to victory

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What is Danshari?


As my daughter says, letting go of things you don't want is not danshari. Instead, letting go of people and things that distract you, cause you to struggle, cause you to be negative is real Danshari.

Loss aversion is common, even if your home is cluttered and useless.

When will a person be no distractions, forward?

When one has nothing to retreat from.

A lot of people give up, because there is a retreat, in fact, sometimes there is no retreat, is the shortest, the most correct way.

This is the reason why people say "death is the source of rebirth".


When I saw huawei's pledge conference today, I was excited and enthusiastic, as an enterprise.

Sometimes I ask myself and other entrepreneurs what would you do if your project "fizzled"?

I myself and a lot of brave entrepreneurs will basically say "never thought about this problem", that is, never thought of giving up, will not let the project fail!

Because in their heart, every setback is not a failure at all, it is only a block on the road to success, they are "hit undead cockroaches".

Similar words, Ma Yun also said that a person encountered a bear, many professional managers a look at the fight, but turned and ran, but many entrepreneurs know that fight, still will rush up, even if bare hands.

That's the difference between an entrepreneur and a professional manager, or a good entrepreneur and a mediocre entrepreneur.

This is not the difference between professional and ability, more is the difference between belief, to do not give yourself the difference.

Many times, the energy of a person or an enterprise is aroused, and believe me, as long as you allow yourself to "have no back", your energy will truly exceed your imagination.



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