Carpet Roll Cutting Machine

Flexible material cutting equipment, suitable for automotive interior industry, advertising industry, clothing industry, luggage industry, shoe making industry and other industries
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  • DT-1016A / DT-1625A

  • DATU



Technical Parameters

Equipment model



Scope of work    1000*1600mm       2500X1600mm                     2800X1300mm
Drive system     Imported Mitsubishi servo motor drive
  Imported Mitsubishi servo motor drive
Machine Size (mm)   2000*2300*1300      3500*2300*1300                   3600*2000*1300
Transmission system    PMI linear guide rail, precision rack drive
 PMI linear guide rail, precision rack drive
Maximum cutting speed



Cutting material
Flexible materials such as silk ring, sponge composite leather and EVA
KT board, UV advertising materials, EVA and other materials
Cutting tools
Vibrating cutter, V-cutter, round cutter, creasing cutter, spindle milling cutter, etc.
Vibrating cutter, drag cutter, spindle milling cutter, etc.
Cutting thickness 0.1-30mm (subject to specific materials)
0.1-30mm (subject to specific materials)
Cutting accuracy                              ±0.01mm
Repetition accuracy                              ±0.05mm


Feeding method                        Automatic feeding
                     Manual feeding
Fixing method     All aluminum table vacuum adsorption
  All aluminum table vacuum adsorption
Transmission interface                     USB/U disk/network

                USB/U disk/network
Power supply and power of cutting equipment

                   220V/50HZ  2.5KW

                  220V/50HZ  2.5KW

Power supply and power of vacuum pump

  380V/220V 6KW

380V 7.5KW/9KW (optional)

           380V 7.5KW/9KW (optional)

Positioning method       Infrared laser, CCD camera (optional)
    Infrared laser, CCD camera (optional)
Safety device     Infrared laser induction, safe and stable
  Infrared laser induction, safe and stable
Pneumatic fittings           Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan
        Festo, Germany/Yadek, Taiwan
Electrical fittings                         CHINT/DELIXI

Introduction Of Applicable Tools


Vibrating Knife

The blade is controlled by the servo motor to vibrate up and down for cutting, and the cutting effect is excellent. It is suitable for airtight fabrics and plates below 2mm

Applicable industries: sofa, fur, multi-layer leather, carpet, etc.


Pneumatic Knife

The reciprocating cutting is realized by controlling the gas , the kinetic energy is larger , and the maximum cutting thickness can up to 11cm .

Applicable industries: EVA, sound insulation panels, sound insulation cotton, foam, etc.


Round Knife

With the cutting at a high-speed rotation of the blade driven by the servo motor, the cutting edge is clean and smooth without hanging wires and burrs. It can be equipped with a round blade, which is especially suitable for cutting all kinds of woven materials.

Applicable industries: sofa, fur, multi-layer leather, carpet, etc.

The Machine Advantages


Seiko Welding Bed

High temperature quenching relieves welding stress

Precision milling of large CNC machining centers ensures complete machine accuracy


Imported Drive System With All-aluminum Platform

Imported PMI / HIWIN guide rail sliding table

The all-aluminum platform is matched with the altitude cruise system to ensure the flatness of the platform, and the use of the felt is more durable


Imported Mitsubishi Servo

More stable performance at high speed

More torque and higher efficiency

High cutting accuracy, more precise and smooth curves


Modularized Cutting Tools


Free combination to meet various production and processing needs

Imported vibrating knife motors are more efficient


Imported Pneumatic Components

FESTO cylinder press material conveying more stable

AirTac solenoid valve is more flexible and durable


Intelligent Security Operating System

Intelligent interactive platform, simpler operation and more powerful functions

Anti-collision safety system and safety light curtain sensor system ensure safety first at work

Export Packaging Display


After-sales service

(1) one-year warranty policy.

(2) Provide lifetime free technology upgrade service.

(3) Provide free training in our factory, if time is not convenient, we can provide complete training video.

(4) 7*24-hour online service.

(5) On-site technical support can be provided by negotiation.