Automotive interior material smart cut scheme

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Automotive interior main product introduction: mat + seat cover + seat + steering wheel cover + light 


one: cutting display

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Two: sewing machine (double needle stitching machine, edge wrapping machine)

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Works of Datu Technology Students:

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Big way technology digital intelligent cutting bed, tailored specifically for car interior industry to provide intelligent cutting service, accurate, efficient, intelligent, safe automation solutions and design software is compatible with the mainstream, satisfy the customer for a variety of materials (composite skin, coiled sponge MATS, XPE material and leather, etc.), car MATS, cushions, steering wheel covers, cutting demand;

Fast feeding (PVC wire ring pad (4 pieces) : 60 seconds/set;

Leather surrounded foot pad (4 to 6 pieces) : 3--5 minutes/set;

Car seat cover (120 pieces) : 16 minutes/set), efficient production, for our customers to provide efficient

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